Street Art

Street art

Street art involves creating visual artworks in public spaces, such as streets, walls, buildings and other urban surfaces. It is often characterized by its bold, vibrant and unconventional nature, challenging traditional notions of art and engaging with the public in unexpected ways.

Street art encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles, including graffiti, stencils, murals, posters and wheatpasting, digital projection installations, and 3D artworks. We use various mediums such as acrylic paints, aerosol and spray paint, markers, stickers and other mediums to create our work. Digital multimedia installations are an evolving part of my work.

Street art has the power to transform urban environments, inject creativity into everyday life and challenge the status quo. It blurs the boundaries between art and the public, inviting viewers to actively participate in the urban landscape and experience art in a new and engaging way.

If you have a wall or space you want to activate with street art, large scale art installation or mural, we look forward to working with you on your project.

Street Art Gallery