An original artwork

In contrast to prints and reproductions original artworks are more limited and have higher value.

The concept of originality is essential to establish the uniqueness and exclusivity of an artwork.

An original artwork refers to a one-of-a-kind creation produced by an artist’s hand or under their direct supervision. It is a unique piece of art that exists as the sole physical manifestation of the artist’s vision and creativity. Original artworks are not reproductions or copies; instead, they are the first and only iteration of a specific artistic expression.

We will list original editions as they become available.

Our original artworks include:

  • Paintings created using paints on canvas.
  • Drawings made with charcoal, graphite or ink on paper.
  • Digital art pieces created using software and a digital tablet.

If you are looking for a custom original:

Custom original artworks can be purchased with concept art, illustration, design or painting services.


Characteristics of an Original Artwork:

  1. Uniqueness: An original artwork is one-of-a-kind and distinct from any other piece of art. It is not a reproduction, print, or duplicate.
  2. Authenticity: The artist directly produces or supervises the creation of the original artwork, making it an authentic representation of their artistic expression.
  3. Signature and Documentation: Original artworks are typically signed by the artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that provides provenance and confirms the artwork’s originality.