Design Process

If you have specific elements and requirements for your project a design process allows us to meet your needs.

The design process is a systematic approach to create innovative and effective solutions usually with a focus on a mural or large scale art installation. It involves a series of steps that guide creation considering the needs and desires of the project. The process is iterative, allowing for feedback and reviews to achieve optimal results.

Once the project is defined, we move on to the ideation phase. This involves generating a range of ideas and concepts that could potentially solve the problem. Brainstorming sessions, sketching, and prototyping are commonly employed techniques during this stage to explore different possibilities and unleash creativity.

After ideation, the focus shifts to the evaluation and selection of the most promising ideas. The selected concepts are then developed into detailed designs. This involves refining the chosen ideas, creating digital or physical prototypes, seeking feedback and making improvements to enhance the design.

Finally, the design process culminates in the implementation or production or installation phase. We collaborate closely with the stakeholders to bring the final design to life. We ensure the design is translated accurately into the finished product or service, paying attention to the safe work methods materials, and user experience.

Throughout the entire process, communication, collaboration and a client centered mindset are essential. The design process is cyclical, with each iteration refining and evolving the design to meet the objectives.

Our dynamic approach embraces creativity, research and feedback to deliver innovative and successful solutions.

We look forward to working with you on your project.

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